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new year - in my heart it's worth, it's worth so much more, than I could ever show

About new year

Previous Entry new year Jan. 1st, 2008 @ 09:55 am Next Entry
new year, new attitude, new everything

it's time i started living my life for myself. i'm not taking shit this year and i WILL stand up for myself and what i believe in.

if no one heres/sees me for days, weeks, months or the whole year. no worries i'll still be alive getting down to business.

this is the year i start settling down and getting my shit together. i plan on moving away. yes i said away. as much as i love massachusetts and all my friends it's not for me anymore. i need to be away and happy. i'm sure your saying to yourself "well what about kendra". my responce to that is i'll deal/take care of it when the time arrives.

i'm done living for the "future". we waste to much time worrying about the future and all the jazz. this year i'm living in the moment and not worrying so much about what the future has instore for me. the future doesn't scare me nor will it ever scare me. things happen for reasons we can't control. i'm just letting my life take it course and go where ever it brings me. no matter how dark and grey or bright and cheery. doesn't matter. life's life and you've just gotta roll with the punches.

ya i'm just rambling on and i don't really give a shit.
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