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in my heart it's worth, it's worth so much more, than I could ever show

It's worth more than I can show, with words that I can't say

this world will not break me
19 January
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"I won't go because I've been there before, and it took twenty years to pick my face up off the floor.
I'm not "sorry" if "things" aren't the "same" but sleepless nights are hardly worth the cheapness of your game.
And if you know what I mean then live for yourself, because life is too short to waste it on somebody else.
There was a time, and I swear that I cared...
I got burned , and now I walk with this fist in the air.
I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY, they're NOT the ones who have to live with the pain.
Black Heart Breaking, Broken Bonds.
I should have known all along.
Don't talk to me.
I'm as deaf as I am blind.
Thanks for making me cheap, and thanks for the wasted time"

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